telesna instalacija


Avatara reflects on the relationship towards the body, the significants that society attaches to the external image, and how appearance affects the perception and construction of one's own image and identity. By accumulating objects, I created an objecthood in which excessive self-objectification portrayed the historical legacy of women’s objectification and the subordination of individuality to female stereotypes. The invisibility created and the invitation to interact (explore me) encouraged the visitors to actively search for the (naked) body - of (invisible) human nature - of individual existence - of the female individual.

"The created, glittering and colourful objects reveal the body - self - Avatara with all racial, sexual, class and other obvious and unconscious identities."

The body installation, which is built on the duration of the body and time, finished within thirty minutes due to the interest of the visitors. When one of the visitors began to discover the body, the others also took courage, discovering the body quickly and without any special interest in materiality.


I thank Boštjan Čadež, Liza Šimenc, Urška Lipovž, Tia Čiček


Lezbična četrt

Foto Simao Bessa © Galerija Škuc

Klemen Ilovar