gibalno-zvočna video kompozicija


Borut Savski


"The cloud walks across the sky, changing colors, sometimes speaking, getting angry, and often crying." 

In the second part of the artists' collaboration, the exploration of temporal and spatial boundaries between physical and digital images continues. Experimentation within the physical and virtual realms has led the artists to contemplate dissociation/dislocation, which involves moving away from the physicality of the world. This phenomenon occurs when communicating at a distance, where physical bodies (or several of them) are not present in the same space, resulting in time and space lag.

The artists fill the physical space with their actions to create a digital composition - an abstraction. The replication of movements, sounds, and images blurs the coherence of actions and illuminates the realm of the unpredictable. Unpredictability is a temporal category - pertaining to the future, that is, prediction. Randomness, on the other hand, is a broader principle, as it is not tied to time. Yes, in their jigsaw puzzle, randomness serves as the fundamental moment/leverage the very randomness. As we will see, the result of randomness is not necessarily disorder, as many small randomnesses merge into recognizable patterns at the macro level. A cloud forms.

The bodies work for their endless existence/future: filling the multimedia bank so that the technological system can function as independently as possible, even after they are gone. Both bodies are increasingly embedded in the machine dynamics, and they adapt - or oppose. The machine is the cloud. The cloud is a system. The system is - and it is not predictable.

"Oblak" is a continuation of last year's exploration of the time-random generative intermediate approach by both authors, with an emphasis on simultaneous physical presence and increasingly complex virtual/transmitted presence (1,5 +Asinhronost, 2021, Cirkulacija 2).

The result of parallel coincidences is not chaos but rather a highly aestheticized image - a work of art.




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