Mary Jane * Proteus (v)anguinus
telesna instalacija


Liza Šimenc


"Mary Jane * Proteus (v)anguinus" is an experiment of a sentient body with external limitations.

It seeks to establish, exist, and endure within the newly emerging socio-political space.

Above all, it is an experience.

Mary Jane embodies the image of a hybrid constantly in the process of becoming.

During the four-day Spider Festival - Festival of Radical Bodies 2021 titled "COME AGAIN, NEVER THE SAME," we explored our own concept of a bodily installation, creating the portrayal of a radical body within the realm of performance. Each day, we limited one of our senses and joyfully discovered the disabled.

At the festival's venue near the Plečnik Theatre (Park Tivoli), we exposed our intimate room under the tree. There, we initiated and concluded our daily exploration. Each investigation culminated in a reflection, digitally archived and available to all the curious minds.

The exploration "Mary Jane * Proteus (v)anguinus" serves as a unique continuation of the "Mary Jane" performance, which premiered at the Račka Festival in 2019.

We express our gratitude to the entire team at the SPIDER Festival, especially to Matej Kejžar, for the support and trust, as well as to photographers Nina Pernat and Matija Lukić for faithfully documenting our four-day performance.

Zahvaljujeva se celitni ekipi SPIDER Festivala, še posebej Mateju Kejžarju za podporo in zaupanje ter fotografoma Nini Pernat in Matiji Lukić za zvesto spremljanje štiridnevnega performansa.


Društvo za kulturno, založniško in producentsko dejavnost, Pekinpah

Instalacija: Liza Šimenc, Tatiana Kocmur

Kostumografija: Liza Šimenc, Tatiana Kocmur, Ivana Kocmur