Strong and direct images very explicitly address topics related to the social perception of the female body. The series addresses the ideals of the female body, which are not problematic only because of the lack of achievement, but because they carry exactly defined social norms and expectations within them. Therefore, the images speak about social standards and norms regarding the female body, in which I humorously took over mechanisms that co-shape and reproduce these standards.

Deformada is an objection to the abuse of the (female) body in consumer culture and mass media, where the (female) body is represented as an object. I criticise society's obsession with "perfect" (female) bodies by using the image of one's own body. On the one hand, this shows mechanisms of disciplining the female body - beauty myth, in which its effects acts as a specific form of social control - a look at its own body from the outside, through self- observation and self-objectification. On the other hand, with the image of my own body, I oppose the massive exposure of other (female) bodies and thus individual identities. By respecting others and also to my own body, I appropriate the means of mass media manipulation and by including attributes of perfect female bodies, I create funnily imaginary bodies.