Living Fossil
audio visual performance


Liza Šimenc



"Living Fossil" is a performance by Liza Šimenc and Tatiana Kocmur, serving as a continuation of their previous project titled "Visual Dialogue 1.5 + Instruments," which took place at Dvorana Tabor in 2021.

In "Visual Dialogue 1.5 + Instruments," the artists created a performance that depicted two bodies striving to connect within the constraints of the Covid-19 pandemic. Their innovative approach to communication blurred the lines between reality and imagination, exploring the profound impact of the pandemic on human relationships. Through physical extensions and movements, they conveyed the challenges and resilience of human connection during a time of restrictions.

"Living Fossil" takes inspiration from the drawings and experiences developed during the previous performance. Using these as a blueprint, the artists construct a unique landscape that represents the imaginary habitat where the two bodies now coexist and interact.

The new performance retains echoes of the past, incorporating the knowledge gained during "Visual Dialogue 1.5 + Instruments," while infusing it with fresh insights and perspectives. This dynamic blend creates a captivating exploration of human emotions and responses to a changing world.

As the performers engage with the surrounding landscape and vice versa, an ongoing process of transformation unfolds. The performance illustrates how the environment shapes the bodies' movements, emotions, and interactions, while the performers, in turn, leave their mark on the space they inhabit.

"Living Fossil" delves into themes of communication, adaptation, and the reciprocal influence between humanity and the environment. Through their performance, Šimenc and Kocmur offer profound insights into the consequences of living in a world forever changed by a global pandemic. The project invites the audience to reflect on the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring relationship between individuals and the ever-evolving landscapes they navigate.