Visual dialogue 1.5 + Diorama
vizualni dialog


Giampaolo Parrilla


24-hours performance.

From Thursday 28th October 2021 at 6 pm to Friday 29th October 2021 at 6 pm. 

Through communication, the artists engage in ritual thinking to create a ritual of confrontation and understanding of the state of the pandemic and its consequences. The word ritual denotes a sequence of words or gestures with a specific intention to symbolically narrate a new reality.

By taking into account the characteristics of the space of Hupa Brajdič Production, the artists create a specific form of exhibit, that is reminiscent of a display: diorama. The word diorama refers to a three-dimensional model (miniature or real size) of landscapes, historical events, natural phenomena, animal habitats, or urban arrangements intended for education or entertainment. It usually consists of a flat or curved painted background in front of which objects are placed. A diorama is an “open box” depicting narrative hypothetical scenes.

Behind the glass portal of the gallery, there is a 24-hour indoor ritual. Using a ritual mindset, the artists analyze the contemporary state of the body. Just like a tiger in a zoo stays wild – it tries to follow its natural principles and blend in with its surroundings – the artists want to approach the space in a non-utilitarian way.
Exploring space not as something useful and closed, but as a space in which we can merge and dissolve. The tiger will remain a tiger as long as he manages to stay part of the jungle, despite of it being fake.

At the event, visitors will be able to actively participate in the development of the performance, which will also be broadcast live on the YouTube platform. On-site and online, they will be able to select four keywords from the list, compose a sentence and share it in a live chat (e.g.: SKIN – STORM – FERTILITY – SOIL = The skin peels off due to the storm and when it falls it fertilizes the Earth). Through their choices, participants will be able to influence the course of events and thus contribute to the creation of the final habitat / layout / diorama.


The work is part of the 1.5+ project by Tatiana Kocmur, which addresses the current situation of limited movement and unwanted touch, combining personal and collective reflections of time in its entity and creating three visual dialogues with different artists. Visual dialogues were created with the idea and desire to intertwine different artistic expressions, exchange opinions and create a creative discourse based on the relationship between two bodies – the individual and the community, the body and new ways of communication.

1.5 + Diorama is the third dialogue in a series of events combined in the 1.5 + project. The first three events were held in collaboration with International Centre of Graphic Arts Švicarija, the Tabor Sports Association and Circulation 2. With the project, the artist connects the visual language with performance and movement, various venues and artistic communities, and the city with nature.




Tatiana Kocmur, Cirkulacija2

Finančna podpora

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia