Through traditional clothing and habits, the "Gunja" project focuses on the social position of women in the past and today. The main product of the project is a "cloak" consisting of traditional tablecloths and contemporary Turkish fabric. The result was a collage of old and new (materials), which heavily characterizes the events of Skopje 2014.

The purpose of the "Gunja" is undefined, so the "Gunja" can appear in different situations for different needs (cloak, clothing, tablecloth, carpet, decoration).

The project was shown as an installation at the Touch the Space exhibition in Skopje. "Gunja" was also used on the performance At the Fountain (co-created by Francisco Tomsich, Shqipe Mehmeti).

Gunja is a traditional Macedonian cloak.


Henrike von Dewitz
Francisco Tomsich
Julieta Ortiz de Latierro


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