Concept:Tatiana Kocmur

Installation: Tatiana Kocmur, Liza Šimenc
Performers: Liza Šimenc, Teresa Neppi, Martina Jurak, Philipp Doe, Tatiana Kocmur
Music: Ambrož Štih

The work showed two opposing sides. On the one hand, there are kitschy objects which, in their own way, portray the capitalist idea of a "tidy" space (new Center Rog), suitable for tourists and citizens of a beautiful city. On the other side, there where dancers who represent the people / users of the factory - squat, who seek alternative ways of creating and acting in society.


The installation/performance happened on 2. 7. 2016 us part of the festival Ana Desetnica 2016 that this year took place in Autonomous Rog Factory, to support the alternative scene.

Autonomous  Rog Factory is a squat that is a complex of five buildings plus the main building and all of these are constantly housing activities. Rog Factory is filled with cultural, music, sport, social and other activities. Our work is based on autonomy, solidarity and mutual help.

On Monday, 6th of June at 03:15, the security company Valina stormed to Rog Factory in order to secure the place and turn it into a building ground according to the instructions of the mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković. Their goal is to stop the rich abundance of activities held in Rog opposing the capitalist ideas of gentrification of the centre of the town and adjusting it to the tourists and the established art scene. In short, their goal is the eviction of the current users and demolishing of all the buildings except of the main one, which is supposed to be renewed into a new Rog Center.