interactive installation



The kinetic installation comprises three analogue mechanized wooden rods, serving as the central elements in three (video) performances: Sunflower, 1.5, and 1.5 + Asynchrony. These performances were born out of the necessity to find an alternative means of communication with the environment amid the restrictions, limited movement, and avoidance of physical contact over the past two years. The artist regards these rods as relics or remnants, preserving memories of past physical states of her communication with the public.

During the exhibition, visitors were given the opportunity to influence the movement of the rods, effectively bringing them back to life through interaction with the viewer. This interaction left visible traces on the floor and produced sounds, thus preserving the performative aspect of the extensive research work that went into creating the performances.



Foto: Tomaž Črnej


Center sodobnih umetnosti Celje