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Through the appropriation of a dance icon associated with commercial sexuality, the performance sheds light on the social pressures imposed on the human body. It confronts the audience with the painful rituals individuals undergo daily in pursuit of an artificially constructed beauty ideal. The performance showcases how, under the influence of a specific beauty supplement, a seemingly healthy body loses its functionality and becomes limited, appearing mutilated and transformed.

The deliberate distortion of the image of the highly eroticized body raises questions about its desirability. By challenging the conventional notions of attractiveness and eroticism, the performance prompts the audience to reevaluate societal norms and the unrealistic expectations placed on individuals to conform to rigid beauty standards.



Sound: Marta Fakuch

Photos: Ana Straže

Video: Martina Jurak, Maja Hodošček

Finančna podpora

Center Sodobne umetnosti Celje