Performances of this kind are created by intertwining the artist's body and physical objects that carry important value and significance, since they are fragments and traces reminding past events. The accumulating and storage of precious memories of events, experiences and feelings can be burden for the artist and her creative environment. After years of performing, thinking about reusing materials has become a more significant issue, specially regarding plastic objects.

At the performance, the artist
makes a pile of micro plastics and other materials from last year's Avatara performance, thus giving them a new form. This action evidences the artist's endless desire to store memories, and at the same time instigates the art of recycling.

Reincarnation, as the very meaning of the word explains - the rebirth of consciousness, mind, the soul, or some other entity in another existence –
brings back those materials of special value from former performances in order to create something not yet seen.


7. Reciklart – umetniški festival recikliranja in DIY kulture