Vizualni dialog 1,5+Instrumenti
vizualni dialog


Liza Šimenc


The 1.5 + project addresses the pandemic situation of limited movement and unwanted touch, exploring personal and collective reflections of the time. The project consisted of three visual dialogues with different artists, aiming to intertwine diverse artistic expressions, exchange perspectives, and foster a creative discourse centered around the relationship between individuals and communities, bodies, and new forms of communication.

The first performance, 1.5, emerged as a response to collective anxiety and the intuitive need to decenter the self, connecting it with the broader environment.The following visual dialogues, focused on concrete exchanges with artists exploring new ways of communication within restricted physical spaces. The visual dialogue "1.5 + Instruments" delved into the concept of bodily extensions. In the age of technological progress, the fantasy of enhancing human capabilities and transcending the limits of the biological body becomes a reality. The artists believe that combining the real and the imaginary becomes essential during times of constraints. The visual representation includes unusual images of two bodies using elongated body parts, highlighting their endless desire to communicate with the environment.

Through this project, the artist connects visual language with performativity and movement, various venues and artistic communities, as well as the city and nature.


With the support of Športno Društvo Tabor.

All thanks to Ivana Kocmur, Nina Pernat, Martina Kocmur Zemljič,  Matias Zemljič, family and viewers.


Tatiana Kocmur

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Ministrstvo za kulturo RS.