Red Thread
raziskovalno delo


Francisco Tomsič


Translacija | Traslación is a platform for the production, exhibition, and research of performative art. As part of this platform, we have been developing the Red Thread project since 2018. The Red Thread model of artistic research in performative art focuses on the reception of performative artworks by individuals who were present at the specific time and place of the performance.

The exhibition showcases artworks and documents created within the framework of Translacija | Traslación between the years 2018 and 2020. During this period, we were using the Red Thread model to study two performances: "Where is the line?" by Franc Purg, held at ŠKUC Gallery in 1998, and "TV auction" by Martina Bastardo, which took place at TV Pika in Ljubljana on April 8, 2003.



All thanks to Henrike von Dewitz, Galerija Salsaverde, Matias Zemljič, friends and family.

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Galerija Salsaverde