Due to extraordinary circumstances at the outbreak of the pandemic, the opportunities for physical and social interactions have become scarce. Social life has moved from a physical space to the world of social media. Communication now takes place through screens. Selfies continuously beheaded us and were a means for searching for people's attention. The distance 1.5 has become a rule. The collective anxiety and uncertain circumstances at the second epidemic wave prompted me to start thinking of new ways of communication and the wish to place myself in a limited physical space. I found my communication tool in nature. I went to an isolated place and 'danced' with two poles. Through movements related to feelings of isolation and alienation I re-shaped myself out of a private space. In a series of strokes, I released the existing state. There, my existence did not bounce off four walls, but met different textures, bounced off them and returned with a rich content from the environment.

The performance 1.5 was created as a reaction to this global event. The repeating movements and the constant performance of noise outside activates a subject decentralization for its cleansing and connecting with surroundings. In this years' replay the artist will narrate about herself and her own reflection on time, with the placement of her own body in a place between nature and the city and people. On the sandy surface in front of the International Centre of Graphic Arts Švicarija, taking into consideration the safety distance, the artist will draw her personal living space as a trace of momentary feelings and physical experiences.

This performance is part of the 1.5+ project, which will take place in different venues. With this project the artist connects the visual language with performance and movement, different settings and artistic communities as well as the city with nature. 

Photography: Nina Pernat

Video: Martina Kocmur Zemljič, Matías Zemljič

Finančna podpora

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia