Rdeče niti #TV Dražba
Audio visual installation


Francisco Tomsich


The second research case of Red Thread was based on the performance by Martina Bastard called TV Auction (TV Pika, Ljubljana, 2003). The work was carried out on 8 April 2003 in the studio of the TV channel TV Pika in Ljubljana, and was witnessed directly by a number of technicians and, with some delay, by an unknown number of television viewers. The artist that was back then a student at the Ljubljana Academy of Visual Arts and Design, appropriated, manipulated and parodied an existing live art auction program created by a galerist Mario Varga. Studying and collecting stories about the TV auction represents a path to Slovenian TV history, technological aspects of art production, the art market, issues of language standards and much more.

From our research, which is not finished and may not have an end, many different narratives have emerged. At SCCA-Ljubljana, we showed the preliminary results of several months of work, without any financial support. The work included the usual research methodologies (organizing interviews, visiting archives, deciphering photographs and texts), as well as unusual operations that led us down unexpected ways (metaphorically and not).

Translation / Traslación is a platform for the production, exhibition and exploration of performative art, created by artists Tatiana Kocmur and Francisco Tomsich. The first edition of the platform was presented in Ljubljana between March and June 2018 and included a series of public actions (performative events, publications, exhibitions) and research work Red Threads focused on narratives and memories of historical performances (Red Threads #Where is the line?, Rampa / Lab, Chapel Gallery, 31.5-8.6.2018)




The project and the exhibition Red Threads #TV auction was supported by many people. We thank Martina Bastarda, Barbara Borčič, the Kocmur family, Sanja Moravec, Dušan Dovč, Henrika Von Dewitz, Liza Šimenc, Peter Cerovšek, Matías Zemljič, Boštjan Čadež and all the interviewers for their generous help and collaboration.

Video documentation: Matias Zemljič
Photos: Henrike Von Dewitz


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