Mary Jane


Liza Šimenc


Glitter, puffy breasts, gilding, black leather, lined skin, intense colors, eye-catching exudes of a saturated mass of progressive deformation of ideality. When the boundaries of anthropological are blurred and it seems that there is only an artifact left, only some stretch marks appear from the collage. A fairy-tale creature or creature of social expectations? From the deep inside you can hear a beat that reaches its climax at repeated intervals. Out of the virgin sticky foam exhale endlessly cute, warmly furry, charming, seductive, hot Mary Jane.

Mary Jane is a performance in the form of a living sculpture representing the coexistence of two bodies. The use of colorful objects applied to the (common) body creates an abstracted mass or distorted image as a result of imposed ideals. The performance problematizes the social perception of the female body in  mass media and promotes the uniqueness of an individual's appearance by exposing body curves. The presence of our bodies / selves reflects sincere beauty, which, due to the close connection and physical closeness, creates a sensitive joint body that evokes memories of intimate relationships.


Photographies: Tomaž Črnej, Ivana Kocmur, Maj Valerij


Galerija Račka, CSU

Finančna podpora

Gallery Račka, CSU