Kresnička (Firefly)
body installation


Liza Šimenc


In 2017, we launched the KRESNIČKA project in Berlin, which was the main initiation for joint action and reflection on joint follow-up projects. Today we are performing and presenting ourselves under this name.

The KRESNIČKA project is a series of repeated performances as interventions in space.

Performance builds over time and repetition, because the space it occupies is always different. With this kind of project we are trying to spread the visual experience by building a space in which we include our own body and insist on repetition and static. We call this intervention / action “body installation” because we equate the body with an artistic object that manifests the aesthetics of a particular visual image, which in many ways contributes to the emotional state of individuals. The indistinguishable boundaries between passers-by / spectators and the performer are stimulated by an unannounced event that occurs in a variety of spaces and moments. The spontaneity and uniqueness of each repetition offer a one-of-a-kind experience that takes everyone present away from the daily routine of life.

Public interventions Floating Castel (Snežnik), Zelenica, M5 - Švicarija  (Ljubljana) Psy tabor (Žuženberg), Ufer Studios, Berlin streets,  Berlin Atonal 2017 2onfire, Hannover Hoffest (Germany)


After the first project, Kresnička (Firefly) became the name of the duo made by visual artist Tatiana Kocmur and dancer Liza Šimenc.

Thinking about space and transforming it is an area where art- ists Tatiana Kocmur and Liza Šimenc have found themselves. Both have a common thread of performing through bodily presence add- ing elements of scenography, costumography to penetrate, demol- ish and re-construct a given space, which is in most cases on public surfaces.



Photographies Tomaž Šantl, Urška Svič, Christian Rosenkranz, Liza Šimenc