The Opposite Size
audio visual performance


Liza Šimenc, Teresa Neppi


Artists (performers, concept, choreography, installation, costumes)  Liza Šimenc, Teresa Neppi, Tatiana Kocmur

Video projection Urška Savič
Video edition Liza Šimenc, Tatiana Kocmur
Sound Altan Jurca Avci
Make-up and costume assistants Lara Mastnak, Dora Kaštrun, Altan Jurca Avci
Photo Urška Savič, Altan Jurca Avci
Video documentation Jasmina Mustafic, Urška Savič

Performance The opposite size is a critical response to the contemporary ideals of beauty and the sexualization of the (female) body. Strange, glittery (performative) bodies speak about the objectification of (female) bodies and the systemic abuse of the (woman) subject.

With our own bodies we painted a thin boundary between perfection and grotesqueness, which, by distortion of the bodies, became vague. In an abandoned space we recreated a creature of social norms about the female body.

Individual limbs trapped between the mirror frames of the ambient installation have contributed to create an unusual image. Multiplied fragmented images increased the unification suspension with repeated reflections. As a contrast to this unidentified body, a video of our own bodies with features was displayed in the background.